We want every parent with kids in Orange County, Florida public schools to feel welcome and to fully participate in the school community. That’s why we are coming together to work with the School Board of Orange County Public Schools to find solutions for parents’ concerns.

The School Board sets policy and spending priorities for schools in the district. Parents elect the eight members of the board, who are accountable to district parents.


We’ve launched the Se Habla Español campaign to support parents and community members, and present our concerns and needs - such as materials, information and communication from the school in Spanish - to the board with a united voice.

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Many Puerto Rican and Latino families who recently moved to Central Florida face challenges adapting to our new communities. Many of us lack the information to successfully navigate local government and public institutions to get what we need to build a new life. And those who do not speak English face an even more basic challenge.

Enrolling kids in Orange County public schools is for many the first interaction with a local public institution. Parents who are not fluent in English are missing out on important information and opportunities to get involved in decisions about our kids’ education. Orange County public schools currently do not have enough resources or systems in place to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking parents.

When parents are unable to participate, it hurts everyone. Parents can’t make the best decisions when we don’t have all the information we need about what’s happening at our kids’ schools. Children miss out on opportunities because we as parents are unaware of them. Schools miss out on the talents and volunteer efforts of Spanish-speaking parents.


June and July

Meetings with School Board members, community outreach, and voter registration

Saturday, August 19

Town Hall Meeting with Orange County School Board members and other elected officials

Tuesday, August 22

First Orange County School Board Meeting in the 2017-2018 school year

Tuesday, September 12

Orange County School Board Budget Meeting


We have identified key resources and services that would help Spanish-speaking parents participate more fully in our school community. These include:

  • Materials, information and communication from the school in Spanish;

  • Certified interpreters for meetings with school staff, teachers, PTA and School Board;

  • Orientations on how the local school system works, parents’ rights and services for parents for whom English is a second language;

  • Clear and easy instructions to enroll or remove children in ESOL classes;

  • A parents’ committee in the school district that includes Spanish-speaking parents and can advocate for their needs and assess progress.