Together, we can rebuild Puerto Rico

The devastating damage that Hurricane Maria has brought to Puerto Rico has come on top of the storm caused by the public debt crisis and the recession that has made Puerto Rican families suffer for decades. It’s immoral to insist that before Puerto Rican families can rebuild their homes, their hospitals, their schools and their roads, they must first pay back the banks. It’s time to eliminate Puerto Rico’s public debt altogether!

Join Vamos4PR and our friends to demand that the public debt be cancelled. Puerto Rico’s government, the fiscal oversight board, the federal bankruptcy court and Congress must defend the interests of the Puerto Rican people, not the banks that played a large role in creating the island’s fiscal crisis.

Sign the Petition: Tell Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight Board Puerto Ricans Need A Clean Slate!

We demand that as the members of Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight Board draw up a new post-hurricane fiscal plan for the island, they must zero out its debt payments. 

Background: The Financial Oversight Board, put in control of Puerto Rico’s government budget by the federal PROMESA law, is preparing a new, post-hurricane fiscal plan for the island. The new plan must include zero debt payments to Wall Street and big banks, which have already taken billions in profit out of Puerto Rico.


With zero payments, any aid that comes to the island and any fair and productive economic development plans can be put in service of the people.


Hurricanes Irma and Maria left Puerto Rico in dire circumstances – decimating its electricity, water and telecommunications systems. This made conditions worse in on the island, whose people had already been suffering for years because of cuts to  public services -- including closing more than 300 schools and reductions to health care budgets that left the island’s only pediatric hospital at risk of having its power shut down -- to serve its $72 billion debt.

Puerto Rico cannot hope to recover from storm damage if its people are forced to pay Wall Street before taking care of their own needs. Puerto Rico’s economy will be unable to support working families unless it’s given a clean slate for its public debt.

More aid, zero debt! Let’s work for a #JustRecovery with an economy that works for all Puerto Ricans.

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