Day of Action: Breaking the Chains of Puerto Rican Debt

On the anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico, join VAMOS4PR to stand with your neighbors to demand that Puerto Rico’s decision-makers defend the interests of the people, not of the banks that created this crisis. Hundreds of schools have closed, health care has been crippled and pensions are at risk because of the public debt crisis that has chained its people to misery.

Join us on March 22 

Blame the Banks, Not the Workers


Print your own sign HERE: take a selfie to post on our Facebook page or hold it up hight at a rally near you.



11am ET, Bay Boston, 1280 Centre St, Newton Centre

11 am ET, Santander Bank, 45 E 53rd Street (Madison/5th)

11 am CT, McKinsey & Co., 300 E Randolph Street (N Columbus Dr)

12 pm ET, Santander Bank, 115 Asylum St., Hartford

3:45 pm ET, In front of Courthouse Cafe, 18 S Orlando Ave, Kissimmee



1 pm PT, McKinsey & Co., 1420 5th Ave, Seattle

The actions will bring attention to the members of the Fiscal Control Board, an unelected body deciding the fate of Puerto Rico’s working families, making policies and mandates that Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz wrote “would turn Puerto Rico’s recession into a depression […] comparable to the experience of countries undergoing civil wars.”will affect the people for generations to come. We will also focus on banks and financial companies that are profiting from plunging Puerto Rico into a humanitarian crisis.