March 13: Cancel the Debt!

On March 13th, Puerto Rican activists and members of the diaspora will hold a day of action in cities across the nation as Judge Laura Taylor Swain will hold a hearing to address the $6 billion that the Fiscal Control Board declared "invalid" and in violation of the Puerto Rico Constitution.


Join us as we march in front of the banks that directly profited from the Puerto Rican debt and demand that the Financial Management and Oversight Board (FOMB) go after the institutions that profited from the issuance of this debt.

What we demand:

We demand that:

  • Judge Swain declare illegal the $6 billion of debt and immediately cancel it;

  • The board hold the banks that created a profit from this illegal debt accountable;

  • No debt be paid while Puerto Rico is still recovering from the devastating effects from hurricane Maria and years of vulture driven austerity;

  • All Puerto Rican debt be audited and any debt that was issued illegally be cancelled.


9:30 AM – 1 PM

500 Pearl St, New York, NY 10007


4 PM – 5 PM

1111 W Oak St, Kissimmee, FL

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