What We Know


Many of our family members and friends are feeling the impact of Hurricane Maria as the mammoth storm went through Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. We have had great difficulties communicating with loved ones in Puerto Rico during and after the storm, and we’re still unsure of what the full extent of the destruction will be.

The storm has left Puerto Rico without much drinkable water, food and gas Puerto Rico may be without power for months. Many of our members are already reaching out to people in need.

What We Are Doing


The effects of Hurricane Maria have only increased the pain for the Puerto Rican people, as the island’s infrastructure and public sector have been severely weakened by major cuts to public services in response to the island's $73 billion public debt crisis. We are coordinating with trusted organizations setting up funds to channel aid to the island. We will work with elected officials, labor and community organizations to urge federal authorities to provide Puerto Rico with immediate aid commensurate to the damages it has suffered.

What You Can Do


Rebuilding the island and its economy will take measures beyond relief aid. It will take finding a resolution to the public debt crisis that does not further deplete Puerto Rico’s resources, but instead provides a comprehensive economic plan for sustainable development that will make Puerto Rico’s economy more resilient to any stress.

But as we fight for a stronger Puerto Rico, you can help provide relief to working families affected by the storm by contributing to the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund housed at the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)