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Vamos4PR is a network of stateside labor, community, cultural, and human rights groups committed to fighting for a better future for Puerto Rico and empowering the Puerto Rican diaspora. 


"I could not see how I would be able to get the education I wanted with all the school closures and cuts in education in Puerto Rico. At 17, I had to make the decision to leave my parents and come live with my aunt in Orlando. My integration has been relatively smooth, but I see other kids who are new arrivals from Puerto Rico and they are struggling."


Jaymarie Ramos Quiñones, Orlando, FL


Puerto Ricans in Florida are the fastest growing population in state with the potential to influence the political future of the state and Puerto Rico. Join the movement.


The financial crisis in Puerto Rico affects 3.5 million people. Their worsening living conditions cannot be ignored. Join the fight for a strong Puerto Rican economy.


Puerto Rico cannot hope to recover from storm damage if its people are forced to pay Wall Street before taking care of their own needs. Together, we can demand justice and rebuild Puerto Rico.

"My family has been affected since my son, resident in Gurabo, has had to go to work to Barceloneta and they are planning to leave Puerto Rico. If my retirement is reduced I will not be able to fulfill my economic commitments, especially my house."


—  Migdalia Flores Garcia, teacher, San Juan


Get the facts about the Puerto Rican debt crisis


How did Puerto Rico end up in a financial crisis? Read how it all unfolded and became one of the worst economic crises in American history.