Vamos4PR is a network of stateside labor, community, cultural, and human rights groups committed to fighting for a better future for Puerto Rico and empowering the Puerto Rican diaspora. 

Vamos4PR is a network of organizations and individuals committed to strengthening Puerto Rico by informing, organizing, and mobilizing the Puerto Rican diaspora and supporters throughout the states.

Right now, Puerto Rico has been suffering a crisis of unprecedented proportions.

  • With a public debt estimated at $72 billion, hundreds of schools have been shut down and healthcare services have been crippled, jobs have been cut and hours have been slashed, hurting the most vulnerable people on the island.

  • In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to abandon their island homes; many have moved to Florida, New York, Illinois and other states seeking a more secure financial future.

We’re building a movement of Puerto Ricans and allies to make sure all Americans are aware of what’s happening in Puerto Rico and why it matters to all people in the US.

What we believe is simple – Puerto Rico can rise from a financial crisis that has cut deeper and longer than in any state in America without placing the burden or blame on working families in the island.

VAMOS4PR Principles for a Stronger Puerto Rico

WIN A COMPREHENSIVE AND FAIR RESTRUCTURE OF THE DEBT, including a moratorium on debt payments until the economy recovers, and a thorough and complete debt audit; 

PROPOSE AN ECONOMY FAIR TO WORKERS IN PUERTO RICO by protecting and expanding workers’ rights, including the right to organize in unions; raising the minimum wage to create good jobs, just as workers across the United States are seeking to do; and protecting public services instead of making inhumane cuts;

ADVANCE LONG-TERM DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS that will sustain the Puerto Rican economy, in areas such as renewable energy, tourism and agriculture, rejecting the notion that the island must be a low-wage labor source for multinational corporations;

EDUCATE AND MOBILIZE THE PUERTO RICAN DIASPORA AND ITS ALLIES, and make Puerto Rico again an issue of concern and priority for all people who care about social and economic justice.

our partners


Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

Hedge Clippers

CWA District One

Latino Justice PRLDEF

Latino Leadership Institute

Make The Road Action Fund

UAW Region 9A



New York

Campaign for Fair Latino Representation
Fiscal Policy Institute
Laundry, Distribution and Food Service Joint Board, Workers United
LiUNA Local 78
National Hispanic Media Coalition, NY Chapter
New York State AFL-CIO
NYC Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
New York Communities for Change

Strong Economy for All Coalition
Working Families


Alianza por Puerto Rico


SEIU Local 1

Puerto Rico



1199SEIU Health Care Workers East in Fla

Asociación de Puertorriqueños Viviendo en la Florida

Boricua Vota
Central Florida LCLAA (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement)

Comité de Preservación Cultura Puertorriqueña

Coalition for Puerto Rico Justice

Desfile Puertorriqueño de la Florida

Familias Presentes: Estudiantes Excelentes

Florida Immigrant Coalition

Florida Public Sector Union, SEIU

Fusion Pastoral Counseling, LLC

Hispanic Federation

Iglesia de la Encarnación

Iniciativa Acción Puertorriqueña


Latino Justice

Latino Leadership Institute

Maestros Puertorriqueños en Acción- Proyecto de Iniciativa

Mi Familia Vota 

Misión Boricua 

Mindful Behavioral Health Care

Orange County Classroom Teachers Association

Organize Florida 

Trabajos con Justicia de Florida Central

UAW 1821

UAW Local 788 

UAW Mid Florida Int'l Council


United Faculty of Florida at UCF